Umbrella Insurance


You're proud of your accomplishments and it shows with the assets that you have accumulated.

Your home, auto, camper, boat, motorcycle, cabin and retirement savings all reflect the many hours that you have dedicated to your work and your life over the years.  Have you done your best to protect all of these items from an unexpected accident with your car, home or other property?  A personal umbrella covers liability claims which exceed the levels of coverage provided by all policies underneath it such as your home, auto and other personal insurance properties. 

Business exposures and high risk operators with severe violations would not be considered for coverage under an umbrella. All underlying risks must have primary coverage before the umbrella coverage can be provided. Thus, homes, autos, recreational vehicles, cabins and other personal property which would have a liability exposure would need to have their own primary coverage in order to be eligible for umbrella coverage.  In addition, most umbrella policies have specific minimum limits of liability coverage for these base policies.  All policies and exposures to risk will be identified on the umbrella and increased charges may be incurred with increased risk

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Located in Grand Rapids Minnesota, situated in the middle of Minnesota's lakes and forests. In addition to personal insurance coverages which include life, auto, home, and recreational vehicle coverages, we also specialize in coverage for the timber industry.